Hello world!

Priceless moment of a lovely rainbow below Bridalveil Falls, photographed from the short trail leading to the base of the falls.

Hello world is right. You will have to excuse me as I get used to blogging again. I have taken a hiatus from writing via the internet. I have also neglected working on my photography. But recently I have grown inspired to become serious regarding my photography again and therefore serious about possibly sharing stories that are involved in the “Kodak” moments that I have captured throughout the years.

It is so easy to be consumed with daily life and push your true passions aside. In my case, work and a relatively active social life has kept me away from going through and editing the thousands of untouched photos that collect cyber dust at the depths of my hard drives. I tend to go through cycles in which I will be ultra motivated and make a solid headway toward posting photos on my website and other stock websites, and the next moment I will set it aside until the motivation rises to the occasion.

This time the motivation came when a lovely woman from the United Kingdom contacted me through my website. She had wanted to order a few prints from Yosemite National Park. Her story: she had celebrated her Honeymoon in Yosemite National Park and had bought a print from a photographer there, but when she got home she realized that she needed 3 more prints to complete her vision of art on her wall. After looking at the original photographer’s website, she wanted more variety. I suppose she started surfing my Shutterstock gallery (Kara’s Shutterstock Gallery) and discovered my website through there. What are the odds? And, if my photos have inspired someone to contact me from across the globe, more of them must be shared! The photo featured on this page is one of the prints requested.

So without further adieu, and without providing more than enough late-night ramblings to embarrass my first blog post, I present Kara Jade Photography’s blog to accompany my website, karajade.com.

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