Lassen NP – Bumpass Hell and Kings Creek Falls

We managed to stay away from the smoke today, thankfully. We were above ~8,000 feet in elevation for the majority of the day. It was a relatively clear day, with a windy afternoon. The wind definitely made it more hazy. Considering how worn out I am, here is my day through photos.

Road near the Sulphur Works.
Salt and sulphur collected from the hydrothermal activity near Sulphur Works.
View from Bumpass Hell parking lot.
Prettiest view from a pit toilet that I’ve ever seen. Bumpass Hell parking lot.
Helen Lake and Lassen Peak viewed from Bumpass Hell trail
Beautiful landscape to southwest from Bumpass Hell trail
It was really windy at this vista, but it was well worth it. Looking toward Brokeoff Mountain and Eagle Peak.
We smelled it first, and walked another 200 feet or so and got to see Bumpass Hell from the ridge before descending into the domain of the fumaroles.
Bumpass Hell.
I was taking pictures of the mountains and fires in the distance, when I looked up the road and spotted a doe and her two fawns. Luckily they stuck around long enough for me to put on my 200mm lens.
Gorgeous meadow between Bumpass Pass and Kings Creek
I had never seen a tree growing 3 new trees like this at its crown. I saw 2 on this trip so far.
VIew towards the fires (south) from the trail to Kings Creek Falls.
Kings Creek Falls, after descending the mountains for 2 miles
Same gorgeous meadow as the sun was setting.
Lake Helen with Lassen in the background.

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