Long drive to Barstow with a rewarding sunset

What an exhausting drive today. Fortunately I was able to leave my house at about 12:45pm and we arrived in Barstow at around 8:30pm. We stopped a few times, either to stretch our legs or grab some snacks. Because I did do quite a bit of driving, I do not have many photos from today. Highway 5 isn’t exactly the most scenic ride anyway.

I did manage to take a photo with my iPhone of Altamont Pass, and filtered it using Instagram:

Windmills at the Altamont Pass… This pass is what separates the bay area from central California in my mind. Goodbye bay area, for now.

Windmills seem to be a theme of my photos for the day. We were driving along highway 58, the highway that connects Bakersfield to Barstow, and I had to pull over because the sun setting behind the mountains to the west was truly remarkable. We paused off of some random exit between Mojave and California City. I wish we could have stayed to watch it completely set, but we didn’t have time.

One of the most fire-like sunsets I have witnessed

I couldn’t really choose which one of these was the best…. so beautiful.
Looking more north westerly
Looking south westerly

There should be a lot more photos tomorrow. The plan is to drive directly to Sedona and explore more red rock country (my favorite!). Stay tuned.

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