Monument Valley, Goosenecks SP, Valley of the Gods, Four Corners

Long days well worth it. We started the day checking out the visitor center to Canyon de Chelly. And then we moved on to Monument Valley, which is right on the Arizona and Utah border. We explored the park for like 4 hours and it was great. My feet turned orange from wearing flip flops and walking around. We also spoke with some Navajo people who were selling jewelry and such. One of them asked me what tribe I was from. I felt rather honored that she even thought I was Native American. I also got a beaded bracelet from her of Monument Valley. And after the park, we grabbed sandwiches at their restaurant. Then got on the road.

Goosenecks State Park was our next stop. It is basically a viewpoint, so it wasn’t too time consuming but beautiful nonetheless.

Then off to do the Valley of the Gods road. We stopped at the inn and talked to some very friendly people who encouraged us that the road was passable in our SUV and that even if it did rain, it wouldn’t make the road dangerous. So we went for it. The road took about an hour or so and it also made me thankful that we have a 4-wheel-drive car with a pretty high clearance.

Off toward Cortez, Colorado. We noticed that the Four Corners monument was only 5 miles out of the way, so we went for it. It wasn’t too much to look at but it was rather cool to stand right at the center of 4 different states.

Now time for photos.

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