Natural Bridges NM, Glen Canyon NRA, and Goblin Valley SP

Such a busy day. I am beat tired. But here’s some photos from today… Sorry I’m too exhausted to provide more of an explanation. But today we went from Blanding, UT to Natural Bridges Monument. Then we drove west toward Goblin Valley State Park. The road, 95 North, is a wonderful scenic byway and is my favorite drive on the trip so far. It went through Glen Canyon National Recreational Area, which is gorgeous. Canyons in red rocks is totally my style. So we made a bunch of stops. And then we made it to the Goblins around 4 or 4:30pm. You could hike amongst the goblins, which was a total blast. And then we headed to our hotel in Torrey, UT. In the process, we went through Capitol Reef National Park but the sun was setting and I didn’t get any good pictures because the lighting was poor. If only we had passed through a half hour earlier or so. Oh well. Our hotel has a balcony that faces the beautiful red rock.

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