Nevada via highway 50, and Pyramid Lake

Today’s plan was to drive through Nevada via highway 50, from Ely to Carson City. Highway 50’s little slogan is “the loneliest highway in the nation” or something like that. Kind of strange, but makes sense… We travelled through basin after range after basin after range… I was surprised by how I got pretty good cell phone reception in the majority of the valleys, and it’d go down or cut off in the mountains throughout the state.

We made a bathroom stop at Hickison Petroglyph Site that is managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). We checked out their short (0.6 mile) trail near their campground. We saw other petroglyphs signs for dirt roads that went off into the distance – no time for such an adventure. It was a cool little pit stop to stretch the legs and such.

And then we kept heading west. We decided to go north to Pyramid Lake to check it out. We saw a small part of it – I didn’t really want to keep driving in the dark.

So despite not really having a plan initially, I still managed to take some photos today. Last full day. Tomorrow is home free.

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