Crater Lake National Park

We have really lucked out with the weather on this trip, especially considering it is late October. We left from Klamath Falls and took a more scenic route to the park, as suggested by the person at our hotel. We took Modoc Road and it was worth it. It was relaxing and surrounded by cow and horse pastures backdropped by the Cascades.

Then we ventured into Crater Lake National Park. It wasn’t very crowded. We stopped to observe the fumaroles near the South Entrance. Then onto the visitor center. We spoke with a ranger to determine which trails were still open and passable. There were 2 main ones that offered a lake view, and we chose one that was away from the Rim Drive. Garfield Peak Trail is rated as strenuous and involves a 1.7 mile trek to the peak. It wasn’t too bad for a strenuous hike, and all of the views around each corner were amazing. Plus you’re surrounded by amazing volcanic rocks (mostly andesite and volcanic breccia) as you’re hiking along.

We made the descent and headed back to the car to do the Rim Drive that was open to the north entrance. We exited and headed toward Eugene where we met up with some amazing long time friends. And so the adventure continues!

3 thoughts on “Crater Lake National Park

  1. Your photos are amazing. When I went there it was really smokey. There were a lot of wild fires, and it really made the visibility kinda crappy. I really want to go back there and see the entire lake at once.

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